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Our Story

About Us

We don’t just serve food. We serve Korean culture through a culinary experience. To deliver the best Korean BBQ experience, our steaks are hand-selected to be the highest quality grade of beef; amazingly tender, incredibly juicy and full of flavor. In keeping with our philosophy, we proudly serve USDA Prime since our opening in 2022.

No BBQ experience is complete without salt.
We searched worldwide to match our meats with four very different, high-quality salts: Maldon Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Bolivian Rose Andes Mountain Salt, and Fleur de Sel (Flower of Salt). Each offers a unique texture, saltiness and essence that will unlock flavors in each bite of sizzling meat on your chopstick.

We invite you to come and experience the best of Korean culture for yourself at Salt Korean BBQ..

our location

Located in North Wales, PA

SALT KOREAN BBQ is the premiere Korean BBQ restaurant in Pennsylvania.

our Interior

The interior of the restaurant is hip with an industrial